Thursday, June 10, 2010

EXP3: Draft dinning table and elevators

The design of the dinning table is inherited from the design of my bridge as to convey the idea of power is the ability to control people and things. The table and chairs maintain similar design from the bridge. The table's leg is actually the pole in the middle of the bridge. That pole is the force that remain the the bridge balance in similar role of the table's leg that maintain table's balance. Moreover the shape of the table and chirs is stayed in circular and curving shape this is to be similar to the bridge.

The idea of having similar design is to show the connection between bridge and dinning table under the concept of "power".

The elevators....

The first elevator is for Miranda Kerr. The design of the elevator is similar to design of her's office this is to show the connection between them. The elevator also remains the shape inherited from the bridge design. This is to show that the elevator will transfer the experience that Kerr get from being inflence by the power of media and people to the meeting area.

Similar the Kerr's elevator, the second elevator is designed for Angela Markel. The design and concept of this elevator is basicly to reserve the idea of power and reflect on the connection between bridge, office and elevator.

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