Thursday, June 10, 2010

EXP3: Applying textures

There are 5 main different textures that are being applied into my model....
Linear Movement Texture
Rotational Movement Texture

The kinear and rotaitonal textures are applied into the bridge as the bridge allow for the linear movement and the part of rotation movement. Also the similar in shape and style.

Omnidirectional Movement Texture
The omnidirectional texture is applied onto Angela Markel's office as to symbolise the power that comes from all the directional in surrounded environment reflecting on the idea of power that Markel can be inflenced by people and media power around her.
Uniform Movement Texture

Markel's evelvator is applied by the uniform texture as the elevator is moving in uniform movement (same acceration and speed)

Omnidirectional Movement Texture

The texture that also represent the derection of the power that going into the object is represented by omnidirectional texture as the it is being applied to Mirranda Kerr's office showing the affection of power from different direction i.e. surrounded environdment (people and media power)

Linear Movement Texture

The texture is applied on Kerr's elevator to show the movement of the elevator in linear straight line.

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