Thursday, June 10, 2010

EXP3: Developed Crysis Wars Environment (Real Time Images)

The idea of the POWER is that it is the ability to control or/and change people or things. I focus on the design of the bridge that influences all other element in this environment. The design of the bridge was constructed of two fundamental shapes that create the most object in this world, straight line and curve to represent the common power that exist in the society which is power of media and publicity.

"The TWO Office Spaces"

Miranda Kerr's Office Space

The two office spaces are the reflection of the bridge. The design of the offices was taken from the bridge to convey the influences that shape their design. Kerr’s office inherits the “straight line” shape from the bridge. It represents the modern and simple style which is reflects on Kerr’s personality and style. The key idea is that the bridge controls the design of the office as the power shape individual’s personality and style.

Angela Markel's Office Space

Continuing on the same idea, the design of Markel’s office was taken “curving line” shape from the bridge. It was kept to be a simple office as I want to make it formal to suite Markel’s style. Focusing on the position of the two offices as they sit at the both end of the bridge it shows that power is transform from the centre and spread into both directions and influence elements that surround it.

"The Meeting Point - Dinning Area"

The meeting area is where Kerr and Markel share their experiences of being influenced by the power of media and people. As they are both the people that publicity are focusing on therefore this power would be significant factor that shape their personality and style. The table design is the combination of straight line and curve to show the influence from the bridge. Also sit right in the middle between the two spaces.

"The TWO Elevators"

Kerr's Elevator

Markel's elevator

The elevator transforms all of the changes and influences that Kerr and Markel being affected by the power as they will be exchanged and share by the two clients. The design of the elevator then inherited from the design of the office base on the straight line and curve shapes. The elevators also move parallel to the bridge as it is the reflection of the bridge that symbolize the “power” that effect Kerr and Markel.

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