Thursday, June 10, 2010

EXP3: Draft bridge and Offices (SketchUp)

This is the final design of the bridge that is developed from the first draft. The design is kept in simple but also present the idea of "power".

"Power" has many meaning. It can mean the ability or opportunity to do something or a particular ability of body or mind. For this experiment I will be focusing the concept of the "power" as the ability to control people or things. "Control" in this case means shaping individual's thought or personality. As the two clients are the people that is influence by that power which is power that come from media and people surround them.

The bridge however is act like the power that will be affecting the clients. The bridge contain the linear line and some curving line. These lines are the fundamental shape that create all of the shape of element in this world. Therefore the straight and curving lines are represented the "power" that comes from the surrounded environment.

Focusing on the two studio spaces....
The first studio is designed for Miranda Kerr. The supermodel that can be effected by power of media. As a celebrity this power can cause her to change her personality, the way she expresses herslef or even her life style.
The Office is desinged to suit her lifestyle. The Office's design is kept in modern and simple style to reflect her career's life. Also the shape of the roof is inherited from the shape of the both enf part of the bridge. This is the symbolise saying that the power can inflence Kerr as well as the bridge can effect the design of her office.
The iage below showing the interior design of the office. As Kerr is a model and work in the fashion career therefore she would need studio space that create the feeling of "fashion-site" therefore I decided to put small cat walk into the office.
The second office is designed for Angela Markel. The main obvious of office's structure is that it inherit the curving shape from the bridge as Markel is also being inflenced of affected by the power of media and public as well. As she is a politician therefore she needs to consider of how the public and media think of her works therefore her lifestyle and personality may be affected from that power.

Markel's office is kept in formal and plain style as she is a politician that mostly work on her desk. Iage below shows the interior of her office. It is 2 stories office as the bottom level is the elevator that take her to the meeting point.

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