Monday, May 10, 2010

EXP3: MashUp of the news articles

Mash Up

Orange colored text - Angela Markel
Red coloured text - Miranda Kerr
Green coloured text - Helen Keller

"None exception-Power effecting individual's thought"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken about the driving responsibilities that came with it and the dangers it could bring. She may look set for another term in office but she felt to concern about people that need to take personal responsibility for the way they drive.

"Every time we get in the car we are risking our lives but life is for living. It's particularly frustrating when people were impatient or angry on the roads." said the chancellor.

As well as Miranda Kerr's heartbreak at losing a loved one in a car accident that effects her life and taught her to cherish life.

Kerr said she coped by thinking positively and not worrying too much when her family and friends were on the road. So she wouldn't forever live in a dark world.

"I am guilty of singing while driving and sometimes turning the music up a little too loud. I think about Helen Keller who became well educated and a respected leader who fought for the rights of the deaf and blind and try to live normally. She learned a great deal about the world she could no longer see or hear. So I was angry and frustrated when I read newspapers and people vowing to take personal responsibility for the way they drive but none of this seems to do any good.” She added.

This great concern shows a great deal about the world of community power effect individual thought and personality.

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