Sunday, April 11, 2010

Final Sketchup model and it progress.

The developed model's images are posted below..

Inside the gallery hall...

from the back of the model...

This is the model being developed from the 2d sectional model....

Final draft before applying the texture and artists's art work....

For the final submission:

3 Animations from Sketchup

The 3 animations of my model from Sketchup...

Animation1: The sectional view

This animation showing the section cut through the whole model in order to show all the different section in the model. This also shows the related space in the model. In this case the studio space and the gallery space. The video showing the section through from sideward and from the back to front of the model.

Animation2: The exterior view

This animation show the exterior view of the model.It contains the view of whole model from the outside. Showing the design and the texture of outside in of both above ground space and the below ground space. this animation also shows the structure of the model that related to the key words, those are "struggle" for above ground and "pieces" for below ground.

As ssen in the structure for above ground, the model contain curvy shape representing the struggle feeling of the artwork. In this case the word struggle come from the piece of art work from Ricky Swallow.

For the below ground structure, "pieces" is the word of the inspiration. The model is presented in the sharp shape, being the symbol of object separeted in pieces.

Animation3: Emphasising the stairs

The relationship between staris and spaces is shown in this animation. As it shows the journey from one stairs to another.

Ps. There are files uploaed in youtube but they do not work properly so to view the animation please refer to the files above.

The 3 iamges of developed Sketchup Model and the set of 2d drawing from sketch book

These images are the final model that I have developted....the 3 images are;

1.The sectional view: in this view the model shows the section that cut through the side of the model. This is to be able to show the overview of the 3 spaces i.e. the above ground studio space (Ricky Swallow), the gallery space and the below ground studio space (Richard Goodwin) This shows the realtionship of the 3 spaces.

The sketch below shows the rough sketch of the section from my sketch book for the sectional view.

2.The exterior view: this image show the whole developed model with the exterior view. Showing the materials and the exterior design of the model. Also show the light direction that will shine into the 3 spaces in the model.

The sketch is located below....

3.Emphasing the stairs: this image is toshow the relation show of the 3 spaces according to the stairs. In this model there is 3 set of stairs i.e. one from the above ground studio to the gallery space, one from the below ground studio to gallery spce and the last one from the upper gallery space to lower (as the gallery space is divided for the 2 artist)

additional images for below ground..

The section sketch of the 3 stairs from my sketch book is located below....

Applying texture and artists' works to the model

The iamges from the model after applying artists' works...

The model includes the 2d people from the google 3d warehouse....I brought in the 2d people in order to make the rough scale of the size of the art works...
The image below is the art work of Richard Goodwin.

And this image is the art work of Ricky Swallow

I also apply 3 of my texture to the geometry in the model shown in the images as follow...

Texture 1 : Benign
Texture2: Cellular

Texture 3 : Crystaline

Images after the textures being applied...

The 36 custom textures

There are the images of 36 textures that I have done in the week 3 studio class...

Stairs 2

Stairs 2 : From the below ground studio to the exhibition space.

Again, there following images is the stairs from the below ground studio to the gallery space. Under the word "Pieces" inspired ny the work of Richard Goodwin. (The client)

Also the sketch of this stair from my sketch book is in the inage below....